What makes Lake Pointe Bible Church different?

1. Expository preaching & teaching
We believe that the Bible has the answers for peoples’ needs, and that when the Spirit of God wants to work in peoples’ lives He does so primarily through the Scriptures He has inspired. So in our sermons and Bible lessons we want to be sure we are “exposing” the actual message that the original author meant to communicate to his original readers, rather than just using the words of the Bible as a springboard for what we want to say.
2. Friendly, caring people
People were created to enjoy deep, meaningful relationships, and the church is the place where those ought to be found, so we work hard at encouraging our people to reach out, to welcome newcomers, and to connect in meaningful relationships with each other.
3. Leadership by elders
The New Testament uses the words “pastor,” “elder” and “overseer” interchangeably to denote the leaders of a local church, but they are always spoken of in the plural. A New Testament church was never led by a single individual. Here at Lake Pointe we have what is called “multiple elders,” leadership by a group of godly, spiritual men. We do have a paid, full-time senior pastor, who is considered just one of 7 elders.
4. The Lord’s Supper Service
While many churches add communion to the end of their regular worship service monthly or quarterly, we have a separate Lord’s Supper Service every Sunday morning at 8:45 a.m. An elder begins with a short devotional, and then the service is open for anyone to request a hymn, share a testimony, read a Scripture, etc. Then we share the loaf of bread and cup (we use grape juice).
5. Every member giftedness and ministry
We believe strongly in what is called “the priesthood of all believers,” including the fact that every Christian has been given gifts or abilities to be used in some ministry of the church. Some have abilities in teaching, others in technology or administrative tasks, and still others in caring for the church’s building and grounds. We strongly advocate that every member of Lake Pointe will use their gifts in ministry.
6. Small Groups
As the Lord is pleased to bring more and more people to Lake Pointe, we have asked ourselves “How will we know and care for each of our people?” Our answer is in small groups. We currently have 8 small groups of 6 to 15 people that meet around the western Detroit suburbs, and we invite each of our people to select a group to be part of for Bible study, prayer and fellowship.
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