Senior Pastor, Dean Johnson 

My parents were both from a little town in the thumb of Michigan named Port Hope. In the late 1950’s, after they were married, they moved to California. Everyone was moving to California, the land of opportunity! My brother and I were born there. We were what I’d call “nominal Lutherans.” If you asked us what church we were a part of, we would have said the Lutheran Church, but we only went on Easter and Christmas Eve. Well, when I was 5, my parents gave up on the California dream and moved back to Michigan. We moved to Berkley, the suburb north of Detroit, where my dad got a job as a fireman.  More…  





Pastor of Student Ministries, Joshua Haynes

Joshua and his wife, Beth, and two boys, Andrew and Caleb, came to Lake Pointe Bible Church in June 2011. Beth, the daughter of Graham and Mary Martin, grew up at Lake Pointe and spent her summers at Upper Peninsula Bible Camp where her father served as camp director. She graduated from Plymouth High School in 2001. Joshua grew up in north Alabama. He and Beth met at Wheaton College from which they both graduated in 2005.

Joshua and Beth married the summer after graduating. They spent the next six years in Alabama where Beth taught art and Spanish in both public and private school settings before becoming a mother. Joshua worked as a carpenter until 2007 when they started a small organic farm selling vegetables and meats they raised to local customers. Before coming to Lake Pointe in 2011, Joshua also worked as a school administrator and administrative assistant at their church. Joshua is responsible for all students from grades 6 through 12. Cell: 734-855-9490 Email:  

Secretary/Receptionist, Janet Reid

Janet and her husband, Allan, have attended Lake Pointe Bible Church for 40 years.  They raised their children, Audrey and Brad at Lake Pointe, and then their granddaughter, Gabby, at the church.  Janet has been the secretary at the church for 28 years, working 4 days a week.