We Believe:

The Bible- as the inspired word of God, our final authority in all matters of belief and conduct.
God- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity in eternal unity, Creator and Governor of the universe.
Jesus Christ- the Son of God, our Lord and the only Savior of mankind.
Man- as created in the image of God, fallen through sin; that all men need salvation and that all will be resurrected unto eternal blessing or unto eternal judgment.
The Cross- as the place of God’s judgment upon sin and the only means of salvation for mankind.
Salvation- A person must put their faith in Christ to receive the free gift of salvation.
The Resurrection- of Jesus Christ was in a bodily, living, glorified form after He had been dead for three days. His resurrection guarantees that every born-again person will be raised from the dead when Jesus calls them.
The Church- as composed of all who are truly “in Christ” and are privileged to worship and serve as directed by the Holy Spirit.