hayesSteve and Karen Hayes


youngsKevin and Ginnette Young work with cru which is a youth ministry working in the Brooklyn area of New York City.  Kevin and Ginnette love students!  Their job involves artfully navigating the public school arena, where many students sit every day, and have never heard how they can connect with God in relationship.  But that’s nothing new.  The battle for their hearts and minds has defined their mission for the past 30 years.  Now that their own children are out of the nest flapping at different altitudes, they are more resolved than ever to give their best hours to seeing students reached for Christ.  The task feels overwhelming, yet the hope of making a real difference has never shone more brilliant.  For instance, they never dreamed that they would find themselves co-architects of a collaborated effort to reach 1.2 million students, and chair a board whose mission is to help reform education in New York City public schools in a single generation.  They call if 20/20 Vision for Schools, and today it’s an incorporated entity with a designated staff member leading the effort.  This is just one example of how profoundly God has moved.


familyMike and Laurel Riley work with cru which is a youth ministry operating in the Traverse City area of Michigan.  They feel privileged to build into the lives of high school and middle school students seeing many come to know Christ as Savior.  They plan many activities to meet and connect with students, such as the Mystery Dinner for freshman girls or the Viking Dinner for freshman guys.   Follow-up pizza parties often bring students back where they can talk about life issues and finding personal satisfaction.  The recent Bigger and Better Scavenger Hunt for middle school students were broken into 3 teams that were each led by a couple of our high school leaders.  Each team was given a paper clip and section of town to visit homes – trading up at each stop for something bigger or better than the last item!  After the teams returned and had some snacks they heard from an older student sharing how in life we tend to look for something bigger or better to satisfy the longing in our hearts, but how through a relationship with God that He is the biggest and best and the only one who can bring us true satisfaction. rileys@charter.net6


loudons-in-africaJohn and Karen Loudon are missionaries in Zambia Africa working for CMML Flight Service.  The purpose of the CMML Flight Service is to speed the spread of the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ in word and deed, through aviation.  It is their aim to assist the medical work, evangelistic outreaches, school work, and the travel needs of missionaries and short-term workers.  They are a support ministry to those who are at the forefront of various aspects of the Lord’s work in this country.  Having flown over 8,100 hours, use of the plan has saved an immense amount of time in travel for missionaries and repair costs to their vehicles.  Medical emergency flights have also saved lives.   The Lord has blessed two major projects near completion.  1.  The purchase and renovation of a house to provide high quality guest facilities for all. 2. The purchase of a suitable second plane to better serve the Lord’s people in Zambia.  The smaller plan enables dependable cost-efficient service.  A back-up plane helps during services, breakdowns, and when two flights are needed the same day. Sometimes Karen teaches at the Sakeji school or she is busy with booking flights, the guest house bookings, or the Kalene Bookroom  The Bookroom sells Bibles and hymnbooks in several languages, as well as Bible study materials, devotionals and some school supplies.


bill-y-lilianaWilliam and Liliana Loudon are missionaries in Medellin, Colombia.  They help in spreading the Gospel in the churches in that area.  Bill teaches Bible classes on a variety of topics and helps at conferences with elders’ groups.  Liliana works with Emmaus correspondence courses and also is involved in a phone ministry calling new people.  There is a Christian radio station in the area that has brought new people out to their meetings.  Then they do visitation and pastoral work with these new people.