PU You are the greatest influence in the life of your teenager! Research proves it time and again that your voice is the loudest in their life. That is a great opportunity for you to make a forever impact in the life of your teenager. It is also a great opportunity for me to partner with you and cheer you on in the process. Subscribe to our monthly emails or catch up on past editions. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ cell-phone This is a very helpful ebook for those who are preparing to give their student his or her first cell phone. It’s filled with great tips from Parents of teenagers like: Have your teenager plug in their cell phone at your bedside table to insure they aren’t using it all night. Have your teenager take a picture of their destination and send it, instead of just texting so you can be sure they are where they’re supposed to be. Ideas about how to create a “Cell Phone Contract” to help establish expectations. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ boys crash course This 5 session video course will help you begin to understand the world of your teenage boy. Paige Clingenpeel, a licensed counselor from www.trendsandteens.com and a mother of four kids, walks parents through topics such as Body Changes, Sex, Pornography, Communication, and Friendships. Each video is about 5 minutes, so you can get a lot of encouragement in a short amount of time. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ girls crash course This 5 session video course will help you begin to understand the world of your teenage girl. Paige Clingenpeel, a licensed counselor from www.trendsandteens.com and a mother of four kids, walks parents through topics such as Friendships, Mood Swings, Identity Issues, Dating, and Body Changes. Each video is about 5 minutes, so you can get a lot of encouragement in a short amount of time. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A-Parents-Guide-to-Social-Media   It feels like there is a new type of social media every day. Adam Mclane, the author of a Parent’s Guide to Social Media, gives some help to parents who feel overwhelmed with how to help their teenagers navigate the world of social media.

This is an hour-long video… So grab some popcorn. I also have the book available on the resource shelf in my office.
Over the past few years, I have become a big advocate of students take a gap, or mission, year. Even the most prestigious institutions have begun touting the benefits of taking a year off before, during, or after college to travel, volunteer, and pursue various interests. For the Christian student, taking a year off to focus intentionally on one’s identity in Christ and to seek out God’s leading for future work and ministry can be invaluable.
Check out this one-page sheet about Christian Gap Year Programs
52 questions
Use this printable sheet of questions as a way to spark fun and meaningful conversation around the dinner table this week.
If you’d like to read more about the importance of family dinner including tips for getting everyone to the table, check out the archived edition of our Parent University emails entitled “The Power of Family Dinner”.
lunch box notes
Here is a printable sheet of 100 encouraging notes with scriptures that you can leave in your student’s lunch box, post on his or her bathroom mirror, or text to him or her during the day.
What Now 2.
By age 16, 90% of teens (both boys and girls) have viewed pornography! The average age of exposure to internet pornography is 11 years old! This 10-page ebook was written to help parents respond early and in a healthy way.
Tasha Levert is a counselor and minister from New Orleans, LA.

She earned an MA in Marriage and Family Counseling in 1999, a ThM (Master of Theology) in 2002, and a PhD in Marriage and Family Counseling in 2005.

What Now
This is an ebook for parents whose teenager has gone through a break up, which can be a emotionally difficult time. This book will help parents know how to empathize with their teen and what steps they can take to walk their teen through their feelings of brokenness. 
Modern Parents Guide
This free ebook by Scott Steinberg offers over 60 pages of clear explanations, great ideas, and timely suggestions for the parents of teens who play video games. There is also an exhaustive appendix section with definitions for gamer terminology, instructions for setting up various game systems, and recommendations for game franchises to embrace and avoid. 
Read about movies before your students go watch them at www.pluggedin.com and www.parentpreviews.com.
Find great articles and podcasts with tips for parenting and insights into teen culture at www.cpyu.org and