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IMG_3259We want to keep you up to date on issues that you and your kids might be facing. The Parent Resources page will have articles, videos and links for you to get informed on issues that effect kids of all ages. Some of these issues include social media, teen relationships, stages of development, how to create quality time, and much, much more.





We have provided all the material you will need to lead your teenager through a significant Rite Of Passage Experience each year from 6th-12th grade.  The experiences vary from a weekly study/conversation with your student, or even an all day activity, or even a get away weekend.  Each R.O.P.E. will provide some ideas on “How” and “What” to do for the Right of Passage.  By clicking on the “ROPE” link, it will take you to a page with each grade listed and some further information. I want to encourage you as parents to be engaged in the lives of your students and raising them in the hope of the Lord.
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A Letter from Pastor Joshua

A healthy student ministry should consist of three parts: 1) equipping students, 2) equipping volunteers, and 3) equipping parents.

It is often that third part, equipping parents, that seems to get the least attention. However, studies consistently show that the students who are most likely to adopt and maintain a strong faith, are those whose parents model it in the home. And this makes sense… While I might have 2-3 hours at best with a student each week, a parent has so much more face-time in which to influence his or her child.

You are the primary influencer in your child’s life!

Practically every parent is nervous as their children enter the teen years. And many quickly become frustrated and discouraged. It is crucial that parents take up the responsibility of understanding teenage culture and development. Even more so, parents must demonstrate a willingness to explore and walk out their own faith in front of their teens. And that is where we want to help! We want to be here to listen, to encourage, to back you up, and to offer helpful information and tools during the foundational years in your students’ life.

Jeremy Lee, the founder of, tells the story of how his mentor challenged him to list the top 10 teenagers who had graduated from his ministry with a solid faith. Then he was asked to consider how many of those students came from a strong home where faith was a priority. He realized that all of them had. And that was when he understood that the greatest way to transform a teenager is to equip their parents.

We have partnered with Jeremy and his team at to bring you invaluable information no matter what stage or situation you find yourself in right now. You can sign up to receive monthly Parent University newsletters and videos that will help you understand and connect with your teen. You will also have access to Rites of Passage Experiences that are tailored to students at each grade level.

Ultimately, we are here to serve your family and partner with you by inspiring your teens to become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ. If there is ever anything that we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For Christ and His Kingdom,

Joshua Haynes


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