Lake Pointe Bible Church

42150 Schoolcraft Road

Plymouth, MI

Wedding Policy


At Lake Pointe Bible Church, we believe in marriage! It is a wonderful institution that God created and blesses, and–when pursued according to his plan-can be a celebrated blessing to the individuals involved and to everyone they impact.



The word “church” does not really mean a building. A church is a group of people who worship and serve Jesus Christ. So Lake Pointe Bible Church is not the building located at 42150 Schoolcraft Road in Plymouth, but rather a group of 200 or so men, women, and children who currently gather at that location. While it is common that people call the building “the church,” it is helpful to keep in mind that the Bible uses the word “church” to denote the community of believers who have made the serious choice to commit to . faith and service of Jesus Christ. That having been said, devout Christians contributed great sums of money and oversaw the construction of the church building for serious and holy purposes. The church building is not a rental hall to be used for merely sentimental and nostalgic purposes by people who otherwise display no spiritual interests in their lives. We believe that the wedding ceremony is one of the most sacred, spiritual rites of life. It is the desire of our church leadership that every service conducted here is a significant and reverent experience that honors God. The use of LPBC for weddings is generally limited to regular attenders and their families.



Second Corinthians 6:14 says “Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness?”  The Bible is extremely clear that a Christian-someone committed to Jesus Christ-should never ever marry a non-Christian. This doesn’t just mean a “Christian” shouldn’t marry a Muslim or a Buddhist, etc. It means someone committed to Christ should never marry someone who is not equally committed to living their life for Jesus Christ. When you worship and love and serve Christ, you naturally want to have a partner who shares your commitments and values! We have seen too many times when a Christian falls in love and marries a likable non- Christian, only to see it lead to heartbreak and frustration when they cannot agree on how to spend money, raise their children, spend their time, etc. Therefore here at LPBC we take an exceptionally strong stand that our building cannot be used for the uniting of a Christian and a non-Christian, nor will any of our pastors or elders participate and support such a union.




Statistics have demonstrated that couples who have had some form of pre-marital classes or counseling stay together at vastly higher rates and have significantly more successful marriages. And as we like to say here, we are not in the wedding business, we’re in the marriage business! So LPBC has adopted the rather stringent requirement that any couple to be married at the church must undergo such pre-marital preparation, and proof of the completion of the activity must be presented to the church. The classes or counseling can be completed by the pastor of LPBC or by other qualified individuals, and we require at least 4 classes or sessions. (Many classes entail more than that, plus additional helpful reading). These classes or sessions should be undertaken before wedding announcements are made or invitations printed, and ideally before a wedding date is chosen. What is most important is the success of the marriage, and not just the wedding.



A recognized Christian minister must officiate at a wedding at LPBC. (So this excludes a ceremony that might seek to utilize a secular official such as a judge). In addition to local church pastors, LPBC recognizes men who are elders in their local churches as those qualified to perform the marriage ceremony.



You may reserve the date at the church up to one year in advance. This is done through the church secretary.



The church sanctuary has 32 pews which can snuggly fit 8 people each, for a total capacity of 256. The Fellowship Hall downstairs can seat about 140 people.



Music used in the ceremony should be in keeping with the sacredness and dignity of the wedding service, and of the church location. LPBC reserves the right to disallow any music we deem inappropriate. Any remuneration for the musicians is the responsibility of the bride and groom, and should not be run through the church.



In the past, wedding parties have asked to have their own people run the sound board, but they often changed and confused cords and settings, so we no longer allow this. If your wedding involves anything more than just turning on the microphones (which the minister can do) you must use one of our own church sound people. We will give you a list of names and numbers to select one who is available. A financial gift should be given directly to the sound man (and not run through the church.)




We require that the church janitor be in the building during the wedding (and reception, if held here) in order to lock and unlock doors, help locate needed items, and care for the integrity of the building. In addition, when a LPBC pastor or elder is not overseeing the wedding, we require that the janitor be present during the rehearsal. We will give you the name and phone number of the church janitor, and you are responsible to set up times with her. The wedding party should give the janitor a generous monetary gift directly (and not run through the church). Keep in mind that extra cleaning will be required after the wedding party leaves. Also, you (not the janitor) are responsible to return any moved furniture, etc. to its original place immediately after the ceremony.



Photographs may be taken during the processional and recessional. It is suggested that during the ceremony only non-flash photographs be taken. Video taping and audio taping may be done during the ceremony, but procedure and location of cameras or other equipment should be checked out with the minister in charge.



Flowers used must be in clean, rust-free, leak-proof containers. Only drip-less candles may be used in order to prevent wax dripping on carpets and furniture. In the event of dripping on carpets, floor, or furniture, the family shall be responsible for cleaning or reimbursement for damages. No permanent banners or church decorations are to be removed for weddings.



Rice and confetti are not to be thrown inside the building or in the entrance areas to the building. We strongly suggest that bird seed be used instead of rice.



There will be no smoking or use of alcoholic beverages during the rehearsal, wedding, or reception anywhere on the church property by either the wedding party or the guests. These rules should be made known to all the members of the wedding party by the bride and groom. The ushers or members of the family should enforce these rules.



Lake Pointe Bible Church is not a rental hall, and there are no fees associated with getting married here. However, if you desire, gifts may be given to the church and/or to the pastor or elder performing your counseling and ceremony.





42150 Schoolcraft Rd.

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Should you decide to pursue a ceremony here at Lake Pointe, please complete the following information and return this form. This is not an agreement to hold and perform the ceremony, but someone will contact you shortly.


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